Vakratund Mahakay Surykoti Ganesh Mantra By Surykoti

Vakratund Mahakay Surykoti Ganesh Mantra By Surykoti

Vakratund Mahakya Surykoti Samprabha, that is, a giant body with curved trunk and which looks like the light of millions of suns. Some mahamantras are said to worship such Ganesha. Which is easy and people who do not know every Sanskrit can also recite these mantras. Worshiping of these mantras completes the worship and Ganesh ji also gets pleased quickly. Know the special mantra of Ganapati ji with meaning -

1- Vakratund Mahakya Surykoti Sampraha.
Dev Sarvakaryeshu forever in Nirvighnam Kuru.

Meaning - Curved trunk, huge body, great genius like crore sun.
Lord, always do all my work without hindrance (please do)

2- Vighneshvaraya Varadaya Surpriya Lambodarai Saklaay Jagadhitaayam.
Nagananath Shrutiyaginavibhishitaya Gaurisutay Gnanaath Namo Namaste

Meaning - Salutation to Parvatiputra, Vighneshwar, the giver of the deities, beloved to the gods, tall, full of arts, beneficent of the world, with a spire-like face and decorated with Veda and Yajna; Hey Count! Greetings to you .

3- Amayya Ch Herumb Parshadhukaray te.
Mushka Vahanaayaiva Visveshayaya Namo Namah

Meaning - Hey Herb! You cannot be measured by any evidence, you are a bear, your vehicle is a mouse. You greet Vishweshwar again and again.

4- Ekadantaya Shudghai Sumukhoy Namo Namah.
The great Janpalaya systemic pain

Meaning - You have repeated greetings to Ganapati as a pure person who has a tooth and beautiful face, who is the protector of refugees and destroyer of the suffering of the system.

5- Ekadantaya Vidamhe. Vakratundaya Dheemi. Tanno Danti Prachodayat.

Meaning - We know a dental. We take care of Vakratund. May that Danti (Gajanan) inspire us.

Vakratund Mahakay Surykoti

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