Indian Naval Academy Prayer

Indian Naval Academy Prayer

Oh God Help me through this day, in work and play to keep myself
Physically strong, mentally alert and morally straight.

Reinforce my quest for knowledge, interity and leadership.

Help me uphold the honour and dignity of the academy and the officer corps.

Kindle in me the loyalty to the principles of the academy that places all issues above

Personal Considerations and eschew andy compromise with vice and inhustice.

Guide me to live my life to the fullest in realization of my true self ; to always measure up to the high ideals of my chosen profession of arms.

Inspire in me to triumph as a considerate victor in every game of life, be it mere sports or life’s higher struggles and help me sight opportunities even in the failure.

Give me the physical strength for those who need protection, strength of character to lead the men I have the honor and privilege to command, to be concerned for those who have led their faith in me.

Let me know no fear when truth and right are in peril. Imbibe in me the courage to suppress all seeds of cowaridice and fear in my heart.

The courage to face and overcome my own doubts and prejudices; the fortitude to defend the right and shun the wrong.

Grant me the courage gor honest dealing and clean thinking to spurn hypocrisy and all pretense.

And abouve all the courage to preserve the honour and dignity of my country against ecternal aggression and internal disorder, even to the peril of my life.

Indian Naval Academy Prayer

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